What I’ve learned from starting a podcast.

In December 2017 I decided to start the Trainers Talk Training podcast. The launch of the podcast has been one of the most eye opening experiences of my career. Sitting in the room with Darwin, Andy, and Ryan really put a interesting perspective on how we train our clients but it also gave me another very important part of progressing our craft, Insight.

How often do we sit and dedicate a time to pick apart what we do and really come up with ways to improve, integrate, or validate our craft? They say the best ideas come to you when you’re not working right? It’s especially tricky when you have such a dynamic and hands-on career. You get caught in the hustle of it all and hope that your previous experience and education guide you through whatever obstacle you are currently facing. Our guests have given many comparisons as to what sitting in on our show reminded them of. Some things such as, campfires, NA, or AA meetings. Part of the reason why we always invite our guests on the show is to preserve that environment. We want each guest to have their own unique experience with it as we do. Nothing beats sitting in a room with like-minded people, all trying to get the same thing done. We share our experiences from the good and bad and learn from each other, sometimes coming up with a hybridized approach to a problem. From day 1 we wanted it to feel a little more casual and relaxed than just another group of fitness professionals telling you what you should and shouldn’t do.

I hope you enjoy the blog as much as you enjoy the podcast and as always, feel free to reach out to us with any topics or guests you would like to hear from on the podcast.

To get a little more info on the podcast head here.

– Luis Benitez