Should you overhaul everything at once?

Starting a new program or switching trainers? Over the next few weeks I’ll be going over a few key points you should consider to avoid getting overwhelmed early on.

There are people that come in and want to overhaul everything at once. This is a problem, what they may be doing on an unconscious level is offloading all of the responsibility onto someone else. My goal as a coach is not just to tell you what you should do in the gym but to educate you so that YOU can figure out what works on your own. You wouldn’t hire a tutor to teach you a subject then expect them to take the test for you right? What works best for most people is a slow & steady approach.

So to those eager to start their training by overhauling everything at once, ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you a person of habit? Will you be able to CONSISTENTLY implement all of the changes that are about to happen for months on end?
  • Do you have nutritional practices in place that will allow you to carry out a major nutritional overhaul?
  • Are you getting consistent and good sleep? Does your occupation allow for good recovery? 
  • Are your family and friends supportive?
  • Do you have a plan in place and if your plan goes sideways, will you be able to pivot?

You can see how this can get very hairy. Also, how will you know which changes made a significant impact?

#1 Start Training ASAP!

Just get started! Some people try and plan every single detail out before getting started and the motivation is dead in the water before they even get start. I’ve heard “I need to get ready to start training”. This is more about mentally preparing as people often assume that they are going to get thrown to the wolves on day one. The whole point of training is to get you in better shape than you are now. Everyone starts somewhere. Start simple and slowly build it out into that mega plan you envisioned. It can easily get overwhelming if you are trying to change too many factors at once.

NEXT WEEK: Focusing on one goal at a time.