My Story

I was born & raised in the Brooklyn, New York and never left. As a kid I constantly battled with asthma and obesity. One fed into the other and it wasn’t until I lost a family member to an asthma attack that I started to take my health seriously. During high school I managed to negotiate a spot on the Volleyball team and began practicing everyday after school along with playing street handball with my cousin in the summer who was a national level player. By the time senior year rolled around I had lost 50 pounds and became co-captain of the team. During my college days I started training for triathlons and completed quite a few races including obstacle races and long distance road races. At this point I had gone from the shy 245 LB guy to a slim 180 LB racer. I got to a point where I was riddled with minor injuries and realized that I needed to get stronger if I was to go any faster. It was during this time that I decided to leave the technology field and work at a gym since I was dedicating so much time to training. I worked my way up the chain of corporate gyms from front desk to every tier of trainer that I could achieve, learning from amazing coaches along the way. It was then that I found my love for Olympic style weightlifting and began to train and compete in the sport.

I finally found a home at Soho Strength Lab in NYC after a decade or running around coaching weightlifting seminars, group classes, and private sessions. That’s where you’ll usually find me training a diverse roster of clients of all ages ranging from general strength all the way up to specialized sports. I’ve had the opportunity to work with some amazing athletes across several sports including, soccer, lacrosse, baseball, fencing, swimming, and figure skating.

Major certifications are currently held with The National Academy of Sports Medicine, USA Weightlifting, Catalyst Athletics and Functional Range Conditioning.