There are 2 ways to get your training in depending on your level of commitment or specificity.

Individualized Online Coaching

(Adult Fitness, Strength & Conditioning for sports, Olympic Weightlifting, & Crossfit specialties available)

Online coaching is for you if you want to train remotely at your own gym and on your schedule. Get started by completing an assessment supplied via the Truecoach app. After the assessment is complete, I’ll will whip up a fresh program to get you started. Communication with me including video uploads for form check and feedback are all done in app. You can choose Supplemental or Complete coaching depending on your needs.

Private / Semi-private Training

Only available in New York City. Private Training is for you if you want to work with me in person. Nothing beats hands on live feedback, this is the best way to maximize results. Sessions are conducted at Soho Strength Lab. To get started or for special off-site accommodations, fill out the form below.